Photo Credit: Cindy Lauren Photography

Photo Credit: Cindy Lauren Photography

My name is Natasha and I always have a camera in my hand. As a Wilkes County Photographer I believe with my whole heart that whatever season of life you are in it deserves to be celebrated and captured. I am blessed to be able to photograph moments for amazing families, make little people giggle (Im pretty hilarious) and empower women and teens by showing them how perfectly perfect they are with my camera.

When I
m not behind this camera of mine you can find me hanging out with my son Raidyn, on the sidelines cheering on my brother or binge watching Criminal Minds on Netflix.

Want to know more?

  • I'm an animal lover, I'm two cats away from being considered a crazy cat lady..if that magic number is 5 at least. We love sharing our home and our hearts with our furry family members. 

  • To me, true love can be seen everyday- look into the eyes of a mother as she watches her heart walk around on the outside of her body. My love for my own little one is what drives my passion to capture these special moments for others. 

  • I'm an outdoor lover! I love being outside for work and play and I especially love adventurous clients who are willing to explore new places with my camera and I in tow!

  • I'm a Pepsi-holic and have a deep love for Beef Jerky!

  • I'm a believer that love is love and it is beautiful no matter what shape it comes in! 

I'm excited to Hear from you!