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Preparing for your Senior Session | Wilkes County Senior Photographer

One of my goals for 2017 is to blog more, we wont discuss how I failed miserably at achieving this goal in 2016. Instead, I am going to begin the year with a post I have been working on for a while now.

I love photographing Seniors, it is one of my favorite areas in my business. As a Wilkes County Senior Photographer it is my goal to make our time together as stress free as possible and that begins well before the day of our session. It seems that many of my clients are hesitant to ask for help when it comes to planning their session, I realize that as Seniors this is possibly the first time you are planning and preparing for a professional photo shoot, so please know that I am more than happy to address any questions you may have and hopefully this list helps you prepare for your Senior Session!

Choose a location you Love.
Every Senior is different, so naturally you will not all want the same location for your Senior Portraits. Think about places that are meaningful to you or suit your personality. Do you love softball like me? Then we can make a stop at your home field. Country girl at heart? Then a local farm or barn may be a great fit for you. Book Lover? We could get some adorable shots at the local library! Keep in mind that your Senior Session allows for multiple locations so you can showcase more of who you are.


Deciding what to wear:
This can be the most stressful part of planning ANY photo session. So, here are some great ways to choose what you should wear.
Dress comfortably. If you like loose fitted clothing, then don’t bring along tight fitting pieces that leave you worried about how you look. So, please do yourself a favor and if there are pieces in your closet that make you feel self-conscious then leave them behind. We will be including a variety of poses from sitting, to lying down and standing so be sure to wear something that is comfortable and allows for movement.

COLOR looks great in photos! So, when you’re choosing outfits avoid solid black and white that can make you look washed out on camera and opt for colors that pop!

LAYERS make everything look more interesting, so use that to your advantage, especially if youre booking a fall or winter Senior session.
Here are a few suggestions on how you can easily add layers:
·    Add a vest and beautiful statement necklace
·    Add a scarf to the dress or tunic you were planning to wear
·    Wear a coordinating cardigan or unique jacket over your spring/summer dress
Not only do layers add dimension to your photos, but they create more opportunities for us in terms of posing.

TEXTURE. Adding texture to your session wardrobe can make a huge difference. Think fur vests, sequin blazers, lace sleeved tops, velvet body suits or dresses and cable knits cardis!

ACCESSORIZE! When picking what to wear, dont forget about your accessories. Bangle bracelets, long layered necklaces, satin chokers, scarves, boot socks, etcThe right accessories can take an outfit from dull to Dannnng girl!

VARIETY. I always suggest multiple looks, changing things up will make you love your gallery even more. You could include a casual outfit, along with something more dressy or edgy. Utilizing school items, such as uniforms is a great way to showcase your interests while adding a different look for your finished gallery.

HAIR AND MAKEUP! One thing that sets Senior Sessions with Natasha Lynn Photography apart from the rest is that our Senior Sessions INCLUDE hair and makeup by a talented professional stylist. Of course, some ladies are amazing at hair and makeup and choose to do their own, however, I ALWAYS recommend that my senior clients work with my stylist, it always, ALWAYS makes a HUGE difference.

My stylists have been hand picked, so I know the quality of their work. Their work aligns with my style and is the level of quality I am happy to showcase in my portfolio. Professionals are trained to do this, and they know what photographs well. Plus, who doesnt Love being pampered?!?

If for whatever reason, you decide against professional hair and makeup be sure to wear it a little heavier than normal. A nice pop of color on your lips and false lashes are always a great touch as well.

NAILS. Make sure your nails are on point as well. For you this could mean a mani or just a quick clear coat. Even if you prefer a clean nail just be sure to avoid old, chipped polish, crazy patterns or colors- if youve looked through my work you will notice that many poses will have your hands in frame so dont go crazy or completely neglect those fingertips!

Finally, Relax and have some fun! That may sound pretty basic, but the best photographs are taken when a senior is relaxed and really enjoying the experience.

Now that you've made it through this lengthy blog post are you ready to book your Wilkes County Senior Session? I know I am ready to hear from you! 

Are you a current Junior who wants to take part in great styled shoots like some of the ones above? Yes? Great, be sure to apply to become a member of the 2018 Senior Model Team Today!